Eetdate stichting het mosterdzaadje

Stichting Het Mosterdzaadje


Ine Knoop,  Willeke de Jong, Marthen Su, Joanne Boiten,Tesfit Alazar,Mebrahtom Tekeste, Maekele Abdela,Ghide Segid,Hassen Mohammed,Tekleweini Abrahm,Muluebrhan Furtuna,Shadi Alhakimi, Shabnam.


The cheerful day,

It was really fantastic day that you conduct us with that much kind family in nijmegen.

Although all the people in Nijmegen are very kind and cooperative with refugees , but that family had really  a unique character from others, that is they believe on God which makes me full of happiness and cheerfulness in my heart and i was able to thought that I am glad to be in Nijmegen and Nederlands at all and i was really enthusiastic  to be there for that reason also.

The food they prepared was really delicious and tasty full with a lot of variants which explains their skill in preparing food and their happiness for inviting us.

while the old woman translates us from the person who was spoken in different language, I can imagine that how experienced and clever and have smart idea, had that woman.The words which was came out from here mouth were pleasant and and blessed and thought full, although she was translating words coming from the other person.

Comprehensively that day was a happy day for introducing myself with that family, I hope I will continuous contact with that family and then I can have blessed life and endless cheerfulness since that family is dependent on God and every step of their life is connected with blessed word of God ,that is really what i want to be.

You are also a nice person that you made that event happened. I know that kind of work is difficult to make it in to reality, so yes this work is hard and needs patience and i would like to advice you that keep it harder and harder then finally you will win of course you made it already. So good luck with you work and lets keep contact each other ,together we do things better.

Have a nice day.

With regards

Gide Segid


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